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Looking for the construction trucks to move materials and equipment around your sites? Check out the latest offerings from the major manufacturers below.

The types of trucks used in construction include all GVW classes from heavy (Class 7 and 8)  to pickup trucks (Class 1 to 3), and various types of bodies, including concrete mixers, dumps, and water trucks. Trailers are used to haul equipment and materials, and service trucks help keep fleets up and running.

Heavy trucks are used on road and off road to haul equipment as well as materials to and from job sites. These trucks are used to pull trailers or they can be upfitted with various bodies, such as dump trucks and concrete mixers.

Medium-duty trucks are also on road or off road, and they also can be upfitted with bodies.

Pickup trucks populate every job site, and transport workers and materials. Some have the power to pull trailers, often hauling equipment along with the workers who will operate it. Pickup trucks are often used as company vehicles because they allow anyone in a construction-equipment using organization to travel directly to a job site from their home.

Various types of trailers can be used in construction activities, whether to haul equipment or materials.